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Fund Raising for Sonas

We are trying to raise funds for Sonas due to the tough economic times that all business are experiencing in the present climate. Due to decreased funding and the high cost to maintain a high quality and affordable service to parents, we have recently decided to try and fund raise. We are running a monthly clothes Collection.  We will welcome any ideas that you as parents and the general public wish to advise us here of at Sonas in order to raise funds.

Clothes Collection

We are also looking for people to bring in any old items of clothes, shoes, bags, bed linen, and curtains to recycle. We regret that we cannot take duvet and soft toys. We have arranged for a clothing recycling company to collect from our service on the last Friday of every month. We will receive money from the recycling company in return of these items.  Please bring any items that you wish to recycle into the creche any time at your convenience. Your efforts will be greatly appreciated.

We are now taking bookings for 2018/2019 for all age categories including Baby, wobbler, Toddler, Preschool, ECCE and Afterschool. Limited spaces available.  If you require any further Information please contact Catriona on 057 86 44492 or email us at



On Friday the 8th of June 2018 at approximately 17:15pm Dr. Ger Meagher from the Department of Public Health telephoned Catriona O’Hearne to inform her of a suspected case of VTEC Ecoli of a child whom attends the Baby room at Sonas.  Detailed information was provided by Catriona O’Hearne to the Public Health Consultant team between Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.  On Saturday the 9th of June at approximately 16:50pm Dr David Weakliam Public Health Consultant contacted Catriona O’Hearne to inform her that the decision had been made that they were happy for the Baby room to open on Monday the 11th of June.  In addition they were issuing the service with an information letter to be distributed to the parents of the Baby room.  Following this all Baby room parents were contacted Saturday evening on the 9th of June by telephone and issued with this letter via email. 

In the interest of transparency Catriona O’Hearne made the decision to issue all parents of the entire childcare service with the information letter from the Department of Public Health on Monday the 11th of June.

On Tuesday at approximately 15:30pm Dr Margaret Cosgrove contacted Catriona O’Hearne to inform her that the baby in question did not have the toxin producing VTEC Ecoli but a common version of Ecoli EPEC whereby the excluded child can return to the service following an exclusion period of 48hrs after the last episode of diarrhoea. 


What is E. Coli?

E. coli are bacteria (germs) that tend to live in the gut.  There are many different types (strains) of E. Coli germ.  Most strains do not cause illness.  However some strains do cause diarrhoea, and others can produce toxins (or “verotoxins”)  that can be dangerous and cause health complications especially in young children.


What is EPEC?
Enteropathogenic  E Coli (also known as EPEC) are one of the types of E coli germs that can cause diarrhoea.  EPEC infections are more common in small children.  EPEC germs do not produce verotoxins. 


What symptoms does EPEC cause?

·         Diarrhoea – this may be watery

·         Vomiting

If any parent has any concerns regarding their child’s health they should contact their own GP.


Kind Regards

Catriona O’Hearne

 Updated on the 12th of June 2018


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