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Fund Raising for Sonas

We are trying to raise funds for Sonas due to the tough economic times that all business are experiencing in the present climate. Due to decreased funding and the high cost to maintain a high quality and affordable service to parents, we have recently decided to try and fund raise. We are running a monthly clothes Collection.  We will welcome any ideas that you as parents and the general public wish to advise us here of at Sonas in order to raise funds.

Clothes Collection

We are also looking for people to bring in any old items of clothes, shoes, bags, bed linen, and curtains to recycle. We regret that we cannot take duvet and soft toys. We have arranged for a clothing recycling company to collect from our service on the last Friday of every month. We will receive money from the recycling company in return of these items.  Please bring any items that you wish to recycle into the creche any time at your convenience. Your efforts will be greatly appreciated.

New Outdoor Equipment

I’m delighted to announce we have purchased New Playground Equipment funded through numerous fundraising events that we have held at Sonas over the past two years, namely through our Monthly Clothing Collection and Our Preschool Christmas Concerts 2015 and 2016. Total fundraising monies amounted to €1615 were spent to purchase Playgroup Equipment. The children are really enjoying spending time outdoors playing and making good use of this equipment. I would like to thank all the parents that contributed towards our fundraising efforts to make it possible to purchase these items. Our aim is to continue fundraising to make a new playground and purchase more outdoor equipment for all the children of Sonas to enjoy and so your efforts to help achieve the same will be greatly appreciated.

Booking a Childcare Placement 2018/2019

We are now taking bookings for 2018/2019 for all age categories including Baby, wobbler, Toddler, Preschool, ECCE and Afterschool. Limited spaces available.  If you require any further Information please contact Catriona on 057 86 44492 or email us at

 Updated on the 15th of November 2017


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